Local Counsel

The right local counsel partner matters.

Kim IP acts on behalf of out-of-state counsel and clients as local counsel and/or co-counsel on litigation matters in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania. Our attorneys are knowledgeable about the local, state, and federal courts, local rules, and sitting judges. As such, our team can readily assist with matters in an efficient and economical manner. Our attorneys have assisted in commercial litigation as well as intellectual property matters as local counsel.

With offices in New Jersey, we are uniquely situated to provide local counsel services, not only to New Jersey, but our neighboring jurisdictions of New York and Pennsylvania through our attorneys admitted there.

Exemplary cases in which Kim IP has served as local counsel include:

• Local counsel assisting a New York firm in a patent and trademark infringement action in the District of New Jersey related to cutlery.

• Local counsel in Pennsylvania assisting a New York firm in a class action filed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

• Local counsel assisting a Florida firm in a trademark infringement matter in New Jersey state court.

• Local counsel assisting a Virginia firm in an appeal of trademark cancellation decision in the District of New Jersey related to cigarette filters.

• Local counsel assisting a California firm in a copyright infringement matter filed in the Southern District of New York related to photographic images.

To discuss how Kim IP can assist you as local counsel, please contact us at firm@kimiplawgroup.com or at (856) 520-8991.

Our Firm at a Glance:

Patent procurement, opinions, counseling, reexamination, reissue, interferences, due diligence, settlements, agreements, licensing, and more.

We handle all phases of international and domestic trademark prosecution, including state and federal trademarks, licenses and agreements, trademark dispute resolution and related litigation.

Comprehensive representation in copyright related matters, including counseling, the registration of copyrights, copyright licenses and agreements, and related litigation.

Kim IP represents clients in patent, trademark, copyright, and trade secret litigation, as well as any related commercial litigation. We also act as local counsel in cases filed in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.